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 Zhuzhou ChangJiang Carbide Tools Co.,Ltd.is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise that combines in one smelting of tungsten and cobalt,the reclaiming of tungsten resources and the production of remented carbide and its compatible tools.

    The company is one of holding companies of Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Group Corporation Ltd after reorganizing in Dec.2003.After the effort of over 20 years,the company has six plants and four holding companies,with over 800 employees totally.It is located at Zhuzhou,Southern traffic centre of China.

    Built up four production line of carbide products already,produce 800 tones carbide products per year;With two production lines of recycled raw materials of carbide products,one the production line of raw materials originally,1000 tons of powder raw materials annually(400 tons of recycled raw materials among them);Two production lines of the related tool and one production line of the special-purpose mould,600,000 sets of hard alloy tools and mould annually.

   The company research,manufacture and sale 8 serieses of products such as cemented carbide powder as raw materials,cutting tools,special applications,geological and mining tools, precision products,anvils,die tools and drilling-rock tools,etc.
All the products are used extensively the fields such as the tungsten products process,cemented carbide products,machinery manufacturings,metal and nonmetallic materials processing,the fossicking and construction industry,etc. The products are sold to completely more than 30 provinces and city in the country,find a good sale in more than 10 countries and regions such as America and Europe,Southeast Asia,etc.

  Aiming at improving products's quality,meeting the requirment of the market quickly,and forging a strong cemented carbide tools enterprise,with the enterprise spirit of "pursuing a perfect mastery and achieving success success with sincerity",manufactures".The comapany is striving to create a renowned brand Jingcheng"tools,through seeking the cooperation from customers and various circles of society closely.